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The Broad - taking children to art museums

I have taken my girls to art museums since they were babies. I truly believe they do well from all the practice they've had over the years. It's not perfect but we talk about how to act before we go in (elbows close to your body!) and there's usually something for children put together by the museum. The Broad has a  treasure hunt/checklist for children to complete in order to get a small prize (think bookmarks) upon exit. It's fun and easy with things like, find something with wavy lines, find a piece of art with your favorite colors...etc. I love THIS BOOK for getting a start on talking to kids about art! If you've never studied art (I took two college courses to meet my fine arts credit in my undergrad lol), it's a perfect way to get into art enough to discuss and explain enough of the possible questions kids will have about an art museum. The Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama requires a timed ticket. These are free of charge, as is admission to the rest of the