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Charming Charleston

I got to go on the most amazing Girl's Trip. These ladies were my dearest friends when we lived in London and the friendships have been so perfectly made that we needed to see each other as often as possible, even after most of us had moved back to America. That's hard to do when we've got to travel from all over the country to be together but we made it happen! Because of the nature of this trip, our number one goal was to give ourselves time to chat, chat, chat. We also determined to do a few other things with only a few days in the South together: to see a plantation, admire the colorful houses, and eat good Southern food. We visited the Magnolia Plantation, the oldest public gardens in America. There's nothing more I can say than share these pictures that still don't do its beauty justice. Our walks and wandering chats were good for the soul. It didn't hurt that the sights were absolutely lovely!