Old Town Alexandria - dressed-up for Halloween


When we lived in Northern Virginia last year, we loved a little drive down to Old Town Alexandria and soak in its historic charm. Even better than seeing all the charming houses by the water is seeing them all dressed up for the holidays! Of course, it was the pandemic so trick-or-treating was not a thing but the decoration was still worth hanging out there for as long as the girls could hang.

Which wasn’t actually that long. Charlotte was trying to kick naps at that point and she fell asleep in the weirdest position on the stroller ride-along board which made the walk back to the car very awkward but hilarious. I literally had to tie her to the stroller so she wouldn’t fall off in her deep sleep. Devon was still young enough not to complain but she knew that something was up and she stared at me like she couldn’t believe I was letting Charlotte sleep on her feet.

So many wreaths and from a distance I thought was Christmas too soon…pumpkins!

Buckle in for a million pictures because I am incapable of whittling down pictures of a place that I love.

Even the really subtle decor looked perfect.



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