Hall of Breakfast - Mommy/Daughter date!

This pop-up museum has been one of the best attended events this summer, I'm sure. I still wanted to check it out for myself because who doesn't love a spot of breakfast in the most social media-friendly way???

No one wanted to go with me (read this as 'any time I asked my husband or bro-in-laws to go, they asked why I wanted breakfast in the middle of the afternoon.....') so I grabbed my selfie stick (hand-to-my-heart honestly the first time I've ever used it) and took my baby between her naps!

It was awkward for a minute and then I let it go. In London, it never mattered if I looked like a fool because in a city of 8 million you won't see those same people ever again. I run into It got SO HOT holding a nearly 20 lb

I have cute, cute, cute pictures of Charlie in the food themed rooms to last a lifetime but here are some of my favorites!

In the middle of the cuteness overload we took a beat to nurse the wee one who was getting sick of me trying to get her to smile or even look at me. 
Her people-watching obsession is REAL. I think the fun setting was just a perk. Give that girl some people to stare at and she's set for hourssssss.

No matter how much I told her to stop and no matter how many times she gagged on them, she tried to eat as much of that dirty paper confetti as she could. What can I say? She's stubborn and I have NO idea where she got that from....

Charlie wanted to play in the ball pit so badly. Her chubby little hands reached for the pink pit as I tried to keep her in my arms. Once I stepped inside and the balls started to overcome us...she freaked. She cried huge tears until I got back out!

Not one to give up just because it was a little scary, I let her explore from the safety of the tallest stair until she calmly turned away from me to watch the other children playing.
She was too tired to keep playing so it was a good thing this was the last room but it didn't give us much time to explore the shop. Check @foambakery for my next purchase of fun toys for Charlie!


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