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Birth story

It took me as long to write as it did to make her but here it is in all its glory: Charlie's birth story. I started my maternity leave about 2 weeks before my due date. I spent loads of time walking around the city which was especially pleasant as London was still transitioning from autumn to winter. While I not-so-secretly hoped that two weeks of walking would induce labor before my due date, that didn’t completely work for me! But it was nice to have one of my favorite pastimes to keep me occupied while we waited for Charlie to be ready. I had oodles of time to explore with other friends who were on maternity leave (lots of babies in our circle of friends within 6 months of each other!) Walking for treats definitely kept my spirits up. Plus I needed the calories, ya know what I mean? ;) Family came into town a few days before my due date so I had both extra company and pressure to deliver...literally. In the best way, of course! I was beyond excited when

Hall of Breakfast - Mommy/Daughter date!

This pop-up museum has been one of the best attended events this summer, I'm sure. I still wanted to check it out for myself because who doesn't love a spot of breakfast in the most social media-friendly way??? No one wanted to go with me (read this as 'any time I asked my husband or bro-in-laws to go, they asked why I wanted breakfast in the middle of the afternoon.....') so I grabbed my selfie stick (hand-to-my-heart honestly the first time I've ever used it) and took my baby between her naps! It was awkward for a minute and then I let it go. In London, it never mattered if I looked like a fool because in a city of 8 million you won't see those same people ever again. I run into It got SO HOT holding a nearly 20 lb I have cute, cute, cute pictures of Charlie in the food themed rooms to last a lifetime but here are some of my favorites! In the middle of the cuteness overload we took a beat to nurse the wee one who was getting sick of