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Devon's Birth Story

Here's the crazy thing about birthing children: it is wild, unpredictable and MIRACULOUS.  We are so grateful Devon made it safely to our arms and is doing so well. Here's a bit of background.  For those who don't know/remember, Taylor is studying Law at University of Miami Law School. Currently a 2L (law school lingo for second year students. 2nd out of 3 years to get a JD)  Miami-Dade shut down mid-March and I was about 5 months pregnant. Self-isolation was ROUGH in all the ways for all of us. Once Taylor's finals were finished in May, we weighed all our options and decided our best course of action was to not renew our lease (and find a new apartment TBD by pandemic), move all of our furniture and most of our belongings into storage, and drive our car to Utah to isolate with immediate family. We thought that might last a few weeks-a couple months MAX. No one knew what to expect but here we all are a year later still trying to figure that out. A week of packing and de