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Santa Barbara

It has been too long since I went away without a kid! There is no way to truly describe how much I was looking forward to this weekend. And boy, did it deliver! My BFF Kiri and I soaked up some much-needed grown-up time when no one was touching us with sticky hands or asking for a snack. We spent multiple hours reading in a museum, browsing an antique shop AND we slept in until 9. I know, shocking, and totally impossible feats with 3-year-olds. I took hundreds of pictures, as usual, so this really is the cream of the crop. The food and sights were pretty spectacular. On our drive up, we stopped for dinner in Culver City. We just stabbed at the map (aka phone) and we got lucky and landed on a GREAT place.  We split a 3-meat plate with a side of Mac and cheese and slaw. I don't usually go for slaw but we disappeared this one quick! We had to try the banana pudding. It is particular to Maple Bar because of the peanut butter mousse and chilled bananas. I know, right?? (I am pretty skep

Julian a.k.a. Pie Country

A couple of hours from Palm Srings and an hour from San Diego is a little town called Julian.  Julian is an offical California Historical Landmark and while people visit for things like hiking (it's a stop on the PCT) and gambling nearby, we went for the PIE. Bumbleberry pie with cinnamon ice cream from Mom's Pie House I got a slice of Peach Apple pie and an apple cider doughnut from Julian Pie Company. C was excited about the chocolate frosting on the doughnut even though I told her she probably wouldn't like the chocolate with the apple flavor. Guess what? She didn't. But the peach and apple pie was STELLAR. Highly recommend! This baby is happy is she's touching me so she lives in her Sakura Bloom carrier when we're out and about! It's like wearing a backpack with no straps around my hips or anything else too complicated. I have used it for 2 babies so far and it still works and looks great! We let the girls run around in a little park down from the main r